Worm castings:  Through the process of breaking down food waste earthworms feed on microorganisms (which grow on the surface of food waste) and excrete smaller particles, called worm castings.  As worms eat through compost, their waste creates an optimal soil amendment which increases soil aeration, drainage and water retention. As our castings are a natural product they can be applied directly to a wide variety of plants without fear of fertilizer burn.  Castings … Continue reading PRODUCTS


Even in the best managed landfills in Southern California, organic waste rots in an oxygen-deprived environment, which leads to the creation of close to 7 million tons of greenhouse gas each year in addition to significant water and air pollution and long-term financial liabilities. A.B. Jones and Co. is a social venture that centers around fork to farm sustainability in an effort to enhance Southern California soils and provide … Continue reading MISSION


We are always looking to develop relationships within our community.  We are located in San Diego County and would look forward to any opportunity to discuss vermicompost, social ventures, and green entrepreneurship within our community.  Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. Andre Nantkes – Continue reading PARTNERS